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Physical properties standards

oleo e banhoThe LRM prepares a wide variety of viscosity standards and some patterns of specific mass.  These materials are developed through measurements performed in the IPT, with direct traceability to the Inmetro, through calibrations of instruments used.

Viscosity standards meet the demands of a large number of measurement and calibration laboratories, supporting the calibrations of viscometers, different types, as kinematic viscosimetros, Saybolt, cups flow viscometers, as glasses Ford, Zahn, ISO, etc.  Despite being basically Newtonian fluids, many laboratories have rotational viscometers and Rheometers also use them in apparent viscosities checks.

The lab is also deploying measurement methodologies using viscometers Master, which allow to produce measurement results with accuracy and smaller uncertainties, which should further qualify our certified values of viscosity kinematics.