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Chemical reference materials

Material com composição certificadaThe reference materials of chemical composition developed by the laboratory of Metrological References of IPT are produced from real matrices, natural or industrial sources.  There are several types of metals such as steels, cast irons, copper alloys, brass, bronze, Silicon, etc., some mineriais, such as sand, limestone, bauxitas, clay, rocks, fluoritas, fosfáticas and the new environmental materials, in development, in the area of natural waters.

Real materials are studied and analyzed, then are processed or transformed in such a way as to keep essays similar to original materials, with physicochemical characteristics, homogeneity and stability rather than the natural.

Having reached the ideal characteristics, the reference materials of chemical composition are subjected to a series of measurements to meet your particular composition are tested regarding the chemical homogeneity through your experiments, are studied about the stability your face to a number of factors, particularly temperature and humidity.  Eventually undergo treatments to correct weaknesses, and then are subjected to certification processes.

The LRM used mainly by consensus certification of groups of specialists or proficient laboratories, industry, universities and research centres, using different methods of measurement, providing security and credibility to certified values.

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