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The Institute for Technological Research (IPT)

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The IPT is a research, development and testing, founded in 1899, bound to the Secretary of economic development, science, technology and innovation of the State of São Paulo and over a hundred years ago to the development process collaborates in the country.

One of the largest research institutes of Brazil, IPT has qualified laboratories and team of researchers and highly qualified technicians, working in innovation, research & Development, technological services, metrology, and & information education in technology and support for public policies for social development.


The Laboratory of Metrological References (LRM)

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The LRM was created in 1975 with the technical support of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), national metrology body, with the goal of developing metrological references in physical and chemical materials used for the industry and to universities and research and development centers.

Currently the LRM is dedicated mainly to the development of certified reference materials and the provision of proficiency tests, contributing to the metrological confidence of many laboratories.

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